All Opinions Wrong But Useful · Bibliography · @rixxtr
On Origin Stories: Figure out motivations and purpose instead of narrating Yet Another Origin Story.
Emotional Recall: Remembering emotions is a useful skill, and I'm rambling more than usually because first everything happened and now nothing happens.
Fun For Profit: Use humour as a tool to ground yourself, get some context, and stop moping about (even when your moping is very serious and justified).
Compare Yourself: Comparing yourself to others is Good, Actually. You "just" have to assume that we're all equals.
Antihabits: If you suck at building habits, try randomisation instead.
Conway Spotting: Try to guess organisational structures from the finished product.
Bridging And Bonding: Groups have bridging and bonding attributes. Learn to recognise unintended bonding.
Virtue Squares: Reason about your ethics and other people's semantics by building virtue squares.