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Weeknotes for March ??th – April 3rd


I continue to be buried in work, and things have reached a stage where I wonder if I should continue posting these. Is this a warning sign?


Talked to two serious customers, one with a long feedback list and one with a long proposal list, plus some general support stuff.

Implemented a new exporter (this time, one for reviews) because I was about to answer a support email with “you can use the API” and then reconsidered my life choices.

Other tech things

I worked. That was pretty much my life.

I guess I also did the end-of-month accounting, and started hiding my OS status bar to reduce distractions. Upside: less distractions. Downside: I lose track of time even more.

Life stuff

Nothing really happened, on account of work work work (again). No geohashes this week, either, but on Saturday, I helped my sister paint her bedroom, together with the rest of the family, which was fun.

Oh, and I streamed a bunch! I probably won’t reach 100 streams this year, but it’s no longer looking impossible, and it’s also kinda fun.


No book reviews, no other fun, but I read There is no antimemetics division (fun) and We are satellites (decent). Plus a book my mother translated, which is always a cool experience.