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Weeknotes for February 13th – February 20th. Still sick.


First week of February featured a cold, second week of February started a serious sickness that also took up all of last week. If I don’t get better, I’ll have had zero invoicable hours in February, which would be bad. I’ll keep the whining out of this post, check The New Normal if you want to know more about my health.


Fixed small bugs as they came up, whenever I was lucid: A small bug in mail settings validation, another one in invoice handling when trying to cancel an invoice, and then one pretty yikes bug regarding ModelForms with flexible QuerySets. I think my solution here was bad due to me not thinking clearly, but it improved on the status quo, so … better than nothing?


I added a small feature to the same PR we’ve been talking about these past weeks. Here’s to hoping it will be done soon.

Other tech things

I merged changes to my YNAB downgrader tool, added fixes to remove warnings from byro, and fixed certificates that were about to run out due to an error in my letsencrypt config. I used the one (1) day I was feeling well to stream some dev stuff, during which I added a “random book” page to books.rixx.de, improving my quality of life during streams.

Life stuff

On my one good day, I figured out how to add a timer to my stream. I also wrote a blog post about facing the prospect of potential chronic illness. Other than that, I slept (up to 18 hours a day) and suffered, for the most part.


I actually finished two books this week, though it was a struggle: Talking about Machines and Quantum Thief (a re-read to be able to read the next part in the series). Even wrote two reviews, one about Rilke, and one about stupid German Fantasy trash, putting my review backlog at a mere 14. Will get to that once I catch up on my general life backup, hopefully.