All Opinions Wrong But Useful

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Weeknotes for March 21st – 27th. So much work.


I continue to be buried in work, nothing much else to see here, sadly. Feels a bit odd, having nothing to say at all, but it should be only one or two more weeks of intense work before I have free time again.


Fixed a bug where speaker images were displayed on event pages, even when the event had never asked for speaker images (if the images were present from other events). Also added a missing question field, and made sure to ignore reviews of deleted proposals in global stats.

For my own convenience, added a user manager to pretalx.com, for when people need help with their password resets and their team management.

Other tech things

Mostly worked on a client project. Like, a lot.

But, if you’re reading this: I started a new Discord server for people who are 2 out of 3 on freelancer, web/Python dev, German (or, you know, vaguely related), because I miss discussions with colleagues. You can join here, and I made a super nice logo for it, considering that I’m not artsy and took all of 15 minutes for it.

Life stuff

Nothing really happened, on account of work work work.

My new desk lamp arrived and it’s extremely cool, plus I got to feel clever for finding alternative mounting options when it didn’t fit my desk. I also visited a geohash again. Plus, finally some socializing: a family birthday party, a friend’s birthday party, and visiting old friends just because I was close by.

(And I finally booked flights for EMF, wheee).


No new reviews, on account of … you guessed it, work. But I finished Canticle for Leibowitz, which was pretty wow, and a range of short stories that I enjoyed, plus the first part of the fun-and-trashy online series Beware of Chicken.