All Opinions Wrong But Useful

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Weeknotes for March 13th – 20th. Woork.


I continue to be buried in work, nothing much else to see here.


New feature: questions can have new types, “date”, “datetime” and “URL”. Also, file uploads size limits are now also enforced client-side with some minimal JavaScript. Plus, organisers get markdown rendering previews on more markdown fields, yay.

On the maintenance side of things, I fixed a bug in review assignments (that occurred when users were in multiple teams, solved by a simple distinct()), and released pretalx-downstream thanks to a contribution by Kunsi.

Other tech things

Mostly worked on a client project, but there were some small other tech things:

Life stuff

Nothing really happened, on account of work work work. Ordered a good lamp for my desk, finally. Improved my mother’s website, and visited a geohash.


I read Canticle, while expecting Canticle for Leibowitz, so that was hilarious. Also did some further catching up on reviews, backlog is only 9 books and some short stories now.