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Weeknotes for February 7th – February 13th. Light mode, then nothing


After last week, where I was feeling slow and brain-foggy (mostly due to a cold), this week I got two or three decent days, and then I got sick so badly that I really couldn’t do anything at all. I’m back to mostly functioning as of today, unless you count the blinding headaches that won’t go away. So this is a short one:


I added a new often-requested placeholder for emails and templates, {all_reviews}, allowing organisers to put reviewer feedback into emails automatically.

A second feature is a new redirect URL, useful for generic login pages, that will put people with just a single organiser event on that event’s page, and people who submitted proposals to just a single event on their profile page for that event. I have yet to build a page that is properly welcoming to everybody else (they currently get sent to the organiser dashboard, which is fine for organisers, but confusing for speakers), but it’s a step in the right direction.

I also fixed a handful of bugs, whenever they happened with useful stack traces: Improved the detection of overlapping talks, created safer fallback handling of missing speaker profiles, and fixed two organiser level bugs in the event and team creation mechanics.


I fixed a hold-up in one of our most important PRs right now, by bashing my head against a wall for three hours until I found a missing async keyword.

Other tech things

I was still upset over how unproductive I had been the week before last, and in my despair, I switched all my tools to light mode. As this included my terminal and my editor, and various other terminal applications, this turned out to be a one-day effort followed by occasional tinkering when I caught another contrast fail. I now know how to write vim themes, which is probably a net positive, and I went with a fairly desaturated themes (only black plus two colours, one for constants and one for comments), in the hopes of – I don’t even know. Confusing my brain into working? Can’t tell if it’s working yet, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting me.

Life stuff

Socialising went well: I met some people I knew only vaguely from online, which was very welcome. Pandemic mode meant we walked around the city for hours, and I enjoyed every bit of it. There was also my sister’s birthday party, a small family affair that reminded me that I need to stock up on presents for other upcoming birthdays (I thankfully had planned ahead for this one).


I finished all of one book this week, started another, and wrote zero reviews. Book content will return at some point.

Last week, I ended on:

All things considered, this week sucked. New brain, please.

Well, let me rephrase that:

All things considered, this week sucked. New body, please.